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City Risk Assessments

The threat of conventional warfare has been replaced by asymmetric warfare. Nations are adjusting to this new threat by increasing the Homeland Security Programs in addition to the defense spending. The transportation system, critical infrastructure and Areas of High density of people are credible targets. The Pune City Risk Assessment Project proposes a detailed study of the threats and vulnerabilities audit the security measures and provide options and recommendations to secure Pune.

Travel Security and Emergency Management

Travel related threats and risks have increased and now more than ever travelers need to be aware of security threats and take steps to ensure their safety. The Travel Security Service is the most comprehensive program available anywhere on avoiding travel related dangers of every type. Travel and Tourist companies can incorporate this product alongwith their packages which are offered to their clients. It assists the company and clients in security planning and ensures a safe and secure travel plan.

Crisis Management for Educational Institutes

A major disaster could occur at any time and at any place. Crises can happen before, during or after school and on or off school campuses. After a disaster your school may serve as the gathering place for hundreds of people who live or work nearby. To mitigate the risks schools should have a Crisis Management Plan in place. A Physical Security Risk Assessment should also be conducted of the facility for the security and safety of management, staff, and students. Successful operations occur when organizations know their roles, understand how they fit into the overall plan and are able to execute the plan