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* Risk Free is an organisation of member firms around India devoted to client service excellence. Member firms offer wide range of services in the field of risk management.
* Currently it has offices in three major cities Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and alliances in other cities.
* Managed by experienced professionals with experiences spanning various industries.

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At Risk Free We Provide These Services To Our Customer

Physical Security

  • Homeland Security
  • Physical Security Consultancy
  • Crisis Management

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Airlines and Airports
  • Railways
  • Aviation Security

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Protection of Mega Events

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • International events

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Fraud Risk Management

Introduction - All organizations are subject to fraud risks. Large frauds have led to the downfall of entire organizations, massive investment losses, significant legal costs, incarceration of key individuals, and erosion of confidence in the market. Frauds by key executives has negatively impacted the reputations, brands and images of many organizations around the globe. Regulations such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA), the 1997 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Anti-Bribery Convention, the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines of 2005 and similar legislation throughout the world have increased management’s responsibility for fraud risk management. As part of an organization’s governance structure, a fraud risk management program should be in place including a written policy (or policies) to convey the expectations of the board of directors and senior management regarding managing fraud risk to all the employees of the organization. Fraud risk exposure should be assessed periodically by the organization to identify specific potential schemes and events that the organization needs to mitigate. As organizations increase their focus on risk, they should take the opportunity to consider, enact and improve measures to detect, deter and prevent fraud.  Building an effective fraud risk management program requires solid understanding of how and why fraud is perpetrated. Today about 5% of revenue of a typical organization lost to fraud each year and the estimated global annual fraud loss is $3.7 trillion. Fraud Response Management Plan -

Blog Post Date - 22/03/2019

Disaster Management

Riskfree helps governments and organizations in improving their capabilities to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and terrorism attacks. The Risk Free Framework 1 - Comprehensive: Our experts consider and take into account all hazards, all stakeholders and all impacts relevant to disasters 2 - Progressive: Our experts anticipate future disasters and take preventive and preparatory measures to build disaster resistant communities 3 - Risk-Driven: Our experts use hazard identification, risk analysis and impact analysis in assigning priorities and resources 4 - Integrated: Our experts integrate the various agencies in the disaster management plan 5 - Coordinated: Our experts synchronize the activities of all relevant stakeholders to achieve a common purpose 6 - Flexible: Our experts use creative and innovative methods in solving disaster challenges. Risk Free employs the most experienced leaders in the fields of Emergency and Disaster management. Our team includes world class emergency management planners, disaster program leaders and mitigation specialists. Risk Free innovative methods employ scenario based resource planning to establish a common framework for risk management. The Risk Free services will lead the City in planning, preparedness, communication, response and recovery for daily emergencies, large scale citywide events and major disasters.

Blog Post Date - 22/03/2019

Travel Security and Emergency Management

Travel related threats and risks have increased and now more than ever travelers need to be aware of security threats and take steps to ensure their safety. The Travel Security Service is the most comprehensive program available anywhere on avoiding travel-related dangers of every type. Travel and Tourist companies can incorporate this product along with their packages which are offered to their clients. It assists the company and clients in security planning and ensures a safe and secure travel plan.

Blog Post Date - 21/03/2019